Click the link below for the full set of rules for Bobby Lawrence Karate tournaments.

Rules - Spring 2024

In order to be certified, please make sure that you have reviewed the videos and information at this page Judge Information.

Then, take the quiz linked below to become an officially certified judge. Since rules change slightly with each tournament and it's easy to get rusty between tournaments, judges should re-certify with each event.

Click here to get certified

Spring 2024 Virtual Judges' Meeting

Watch for an overview of key points for the Spring 2024 event:


If you've been asked to judge or score-keep, read through the materials in this section and watch the videos about setting up brackets so that you're prepared.

Scorekeeping for Forms

Forms Scorekeeping
Advanced Scorekeeping Tips and Tricks

Scorekeeping for Sparring

How to Setup Brackets (video)

How to Run the Bracket (video)

Scorekeeping for Sparring - using the brackets (PDF)


If you're going to be a judge in the upcoming tournament, read the tutorials in this section. Also, go to the "Rules" section of this page and read through the rule book so that you're familiar with the different events of the tournament. Finally, click on the "Certification" tab to take the certification quiz.

Judging Forms

How to judge forms (PDF)

Judging Sparring

Judging Sparring Overview

Judging Sparring, Part I – What to watch, illegal kicks, out of bounds

Judging Sparring Part II – blocks, excessive force, arbitration