About Us

Bobby Lawrence Karate (BLK) is an ancient, traditional, modern, progressive, eclectic system of karate founded by Grandmaster Bobby Lawrence, who has been training for over 40 years. Master Lawrence is always respectful of his lineage and often credits his three main teachers, Sifu Chen, Master Callahan and Grandmaster Ed Parker, Sr. Master Lawrence began teaching karate in Utah in 1978. He received his "Master" recognition in 1994 from Master Callahan and his "Grandmaster" recognition in 2021. 

Bobby Lawrence Karate is the fusion of traditional Japanese Karate, American Kenpo Karate, American Sport Karate, as well as modern MMA techniques with a groundwork of Jiu Jitsu. 

The Black Belt Family

Grand Master Bobby Lawrence, his wife Charlene, and their sons, Justus and Dallas, have earned advanced degrees of black belt and have won state, national, and even world titles in Sport Karate. Their biggest strength, though, is how they teach vital life skills to their students through the discipline of karate. Above all, they teach their students how to set and achieve their goals and lead successful lives.

Are you inspired by the Lawrence family? Are you ready to learn how to set and achieve goals and learn freedom through discipline? Contact a BLK School near you today! We have 15 schools throughout the state of Utah each with incredibly talented and dedicated instructors that will assist you throughout your martial arts journey!


Bobby Lawrence Karate School Owners and Locations


Clarissa Rodriguez

General Manager
Bobby Lawrence Karate - Orem
Justus Lawrence

Justus Lawrence

School Owner
Bobby Lawrence Karate - North Orem
Jared and Kaelie Stout[43]

Jared and Kaelie Stout

School Owners
Bobby Lawrence Karate - Saratoga Springs
Brian Draudt - 2018

brian Draudt

Branch Manager
Bobby Lawrence Karate - American Fork
Michael and Hayley Brooks

Michael and Haylee Brooks

Bobby Lawrence Karate - Spanish Fork
Te Lawrence - 2023

Té Lawrence

Branch Manager
Bobby Lawrence Karate - Herriman